Our Fees

Affordable and predictable billing arrangements for as little or as much advice as you need.

Simplicity and Value

The solution to a legal problem is a project. Like any project, it can be broken down to its parts. Anchor Law will show you what steps are needed to get you to the solution you require. Whether you want Anchor Law to take care of all the steps or whether you need help with just a few, the agreement we sign will show a break-down and a timeline of the tasks to be completed.


Our engagement starts with a consult. Depending on your needs, our first meeting may be enough to give you the advice and guidance you need to tackle the matter on your own. After the consult, you will receive a written summary of the issues and advice discussed.


If after a consult you still need help and retain Anchor Law to represent you, we will develop a plan and agree on a clear and fair fee arrangement, which reflects the services you need.

Notarial Services

Anchor Law will notarize or commission your first document for a flat fee of $25. For any subsequent documents notarized or commissioned during the same appointment a fee of $15 will apply.


Anchor Law also offers mobile notarial services. Depending on the nature of the document, it may be possible to notarize or commission the document at a location of your choice. Depending on the location, a travel fee may apply. Please contact us for more information.

Legal Aid Clients

Individuals in Ontario who are seeking legal services related to a refugee claim may be eligible for legal aid. Those who cannot afford to pay for legal services and meet Legal Aid Ontario’s conditions can receive a legal aid certificate. This certificate can be taken to any lawyer who accepts clients funded by legal aid. You choose your lawyer, but your legal fees are paid for by Legal Aid Ontario.


For more information on the program and whether you qualify, visit Legal Aid Ontario.


Anchor Law is happy to accept clients funded by legal aid.